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TechRABBLE: The First Rabble!

on September 2 | by | in Rabbles , Site News

So here we are eh? This is the first post (or rabble) of many to come, that’s why! What is TechRABBLE all about? How did we get here? Who are we anyway? What happens next? Those are some important questions that I think we need to answer to make sure we get off on the right foot eh?

What is TechRABBLE

One of the original definitions of Rabble is “A disorganized or confused collection” but in this digital age it carries another meaning as well. To Rabble today means to go on and on and on in a rant about some topic. A rabble is not always a rant, but a rant is most likely a rabble. So what is my point? Simply put TechRABBLE is a blog. This blog aims to fit both definitions of rabble; A disorganized or confused collection of rabbles, focused on technology.

How did we get here?

We were standing around one day talking about something and thought, man if there was a place we could store and talk about all of the random things we have to figure out on a daily basis, it would be pretty badassed. Well with some work, and some time we now have a place to store all of the random tidbits of tech stuff we run into!

Who are we anyway

Some of us work in web hosting, some of us work in field service, some of us work in food and beverage and some of us don’t work! The one thread that weaves us all together is that we all live for information technology. We go from running data-centers to developing all while being gadget geeks, so we cover a wide spectrum of tech.

What is that picture?

Well, when I moved into my first apartment I needed a router, so I built a Linux box into my entertainment center. I used plexiglass, cardboard, and the sides of a book shelf in the entertainment center to hold it all “in place”. While that router was not the first I had built, it was the first I built for my own place. It signifies the beginning of a long, sometimes difficult but overall rewarding journey. That is why its perfect for this rabble!

What happens next?

We have a few blogs ready to be published, quite a few more ideas for long running series and because of who we are and what we do topics for blogs literally fall in our lap every day! We also have some guest bloggers lined up for some featured, off-topic (rants), and game related blogs. “Good things are coming” was a phrase we used at my last job a lot, although it was normally tongue in cheek. Well, with our tongues firmly not in our cheek, Good things are coming!
We have some of our bio’s up, and such on our About Us Page (linked below) if you want to get to know us a bit more while we set this boat in motion!


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