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What is TechRABBLE?

TechRABBLE was started as a melting pot for all the crazy, fun and everyday stuff we see in the tech world.  We all work in the tech industry in one form or another and we wanted a way to document our challenges and every day life.


Why does TechRABBLE exist?

We accumulate a lot of off the beaten path knowledge that required heavy google-foo to figure out and having that all in one place could help someone else.  It does the world no good having it trapped in our all over the place brains, so we decided we should share it.  Most of what anyone in the tech industry knows is based on internet searches so this is us giving back.


Who is TechRABBLE?

The team consists of a mixed group of IT Professionals, gamers and friends to boot!

  • Michael Battaglia – “iamnobody” primarly focuses on all things windows.  Everything from business IT services to crazy Geo-redundant exchange setups.
  • Yaz Hernandez – “wildkarde” is an ex sysadmin turned coder.  He likes to be at the front edge of new platforms and languages and his sysadmin experience brings a definite flair to his swagger.
  • Wayne Egerer – “r00twayne” used to run a huge playstation site but recently has focused on building clouds and testing new SAN and virtualization platforms. Gadget/mobile enthusiast.
  • Justin Ovens – “Evilicey” makes stuff available.  Large scale web farms, custom XEN api’s, anything to make web services always on!
  • Salvatore Poliandro III – “Popsikle” dabbles in back end development and REST api’s but is primarily focused on making software, hardware and networking gear doing things its not supposed to.


How did you come up with TechRABBLE?

Well we tried to describe what we do and what we know and it turns out that we are all jack of all trades.  Our skill set is disorganized and confused, which is the definition of rabble! Prepend the word tech to that definition and you get TechRABBLE, A disorganized or confused collection of technology related blog posts!


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