• Skynet, Killer Robots and DoD Policy

    677 days ago | Featured, Rabbles

    It has been almost a year since the DoD policy on killer robots was published and with the very little coverage of directive #3000.09 it wouldn’t surprise me if most people...

  • Happy Birthday Hard Disks!

    693 days ago | Featured

    Can you believe that magnetic hard disks are 57 years old today? Well actually they are a bit older than that including R&D but in production usage hard disks are 57 years...

  • TechRABBLE: The First Rabble!

    696 days ago | Featured, Rabbles, Site News

    So here we are eh? This is the first post (or rabble) of many to come, that’s why! What is TechRABBLE all about? How did we get here? Who are we anyway? What happens next?...

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